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The Geo Report

Geopolitics of israel - the middle east - the world




America's return to world hegemony. How can the war in Europe assist the USA to renew its statuss as a world leader, and how is Israel benefiting as well?

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The End of US Military Supremacy? China is now a genuine military challenger to the US.

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The largest diplomatic network in the world belongs to CHINA.
What does it look like, and how does it compare to the West’s coalition?

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What Is The Geo Report?

The Geo Report is an online news website offering in-depth reports on Israeli Geopolitics and world affairs by turning data into a story everyone can follow. Using Googles Cloud Platform (GCP) provides trillions of points of data, graphs, and charts to analyze and create professional and concrete reports. Additionally, data is gathered from numerous databases, including the world bank, governmental agencies, and international organizations, to enrich the reports with valuable data.

The Geo Report is written and edited by Yishai Gelb, international affairs and political science specialist.



Making sense of Israel's exports - What is Israel exporting, and what does it mean for Israels' future?

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American Power: Where is the United States exporting its weapons? What does it tell us about global alliances?

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Will Green Energy dominate world energy production by 2050?

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Blood and Oil - The story of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Israels future role in Saudi Arabia 

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